ROBERTSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Kathy Nale wasn’t able to celebrate her granddaughter Adrianna Wix’s 21st birthday as she hoped, perhaps with a night on the town or buying Adrianna her first drink. However, Nale wants both her granddaughter and her daughter, Jennifer Wix, to know they’re not forgotten. 

Jennifer and her daughter, Adrianna, went missing in Robertson County in 2004, when Jennifer was 21 and Adrianna was 2.

Nearly 19 years later, Saturday, Jan. 14 represented another milestone Nale had to miss.  

“I don’t know if she’d want to hang out with me today or not, you know, but it struck me how many things that we could’ve done together to celebrate her over the years,” said Nale. “And that struck me when I woke up this morning as ‘wow.'”

Each of these missed memories serves as a reminder of the answers the family so desperately needs. 

“You don’t want anyone to go through it, but you just wish people understood what it felt like,” Jennifer’s sister, Casey Robinson, said. 

Jennifer and Adrianna were last seen on March 25, 2004. At the time, the two were living with Jennifer’s boyfriend, Joey Benton. 

Officials said Benton told them he dropped the two off at a Cross Plains gas station and they got into a white car. The next day, he told them Jennifer returned to his house, alone, in the same white car, and later left. 

Investigators have yet to find them.  

“If you’ve ever had a child that doesn’t get off the school bus like you expected them to, or hides under the clothing rack at Target, that minute of panic that you have, just that moment of panic, this has been 19 years of that moment of panic,” Nale explained. 

Jennifer’s mom and sisters told News 2 they don’t believe there was ever a white car, adding that there were red flags before the two disappeared. 

“She was isolated from her family, from the only people still fighting for her,” Robinson said. 

The family told News 2 they weren’t able to celebrate Adrianna’s second birthday with her before she went missing.

Now, Robinson is taking it in her own hands to go back and review the case. If you know what happened to Jennifer and Adrianna, even if you’re not directly involved, she urges you to come forward.  

“If there is innocence there, please reach out to me because I’m objective,” said Robinson. “My main objective is to what happened to my sister and niece. It is not to blame anybody or make anyone feel guilty.”

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The family said they’ve received tips as recently as Saturday morning. They ask anyone with information to share it, and not to worry about opening old wounds or thinking too much time has passed. 

“Help us keep fighting for Adrianna. She was 2 and she’s 21 today, so she deserves an army, and our justice system failed her miserably,” Nale said. 

Anyone with information can reach out to Jennifer and Adrianna’s family directly, or you can call 1-800-TBI-FIND, which will allow you to remain anonymous. There is currently a $25,000 reward offered in this case.