Watertown Mystery: 60-year-old man’s killer still at large 8 years later

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Eight years have passed since David Riemens, 60, was last seen alive in Wilson County. Today, the killer is still at large.

Riemens was a humble man. He lived on a property owned by friends in Watertown. “He was very eccentric,” his friend Laura Nuessle told News 2 in 2015. “He didn’t care what anyone else thought about him.” He was a stonemason by trade and artist by hobby.

Riemens was last seen August 8, 2012. He told friends he was heading to the Watertown Dollar General to meet an unknown man about a work project. His truck remained in the parking lot until friends reported him missing.  

Riemens truck found in Dollar General parking lot 2012.

“It’s very which still an active case,” Captain Scott Moore with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office said. “One thing that’s very unique about this case is Mr. Riemens appeared to live off the grid so he had no social media accounts, credit cards, things of that nature. So it’s almost impossible to track any movements he had digitally.” 

In January of 2018, investigators found Riemens’ remains. His skull was found first and the rest of his body was discovered about 50 yards away a few days later.  

“At this point, we’re trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle of what happened to him,” said Captain Moore.

Riemens’ remains found on farm close to the Dollar General.

Investigators still haven’t been able to find the person responsible for Riemens’ murder, but they say they certainly haven’t given up.

“The family of Mr. Riemans deserves an answer and that’s one thing we’re trying to do can you make sure we’re diligent in trying to do that,” said Captain Moore.  

Anyone with information on what might have happened to Riemens is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (615) 444-5245. Tips can remain anonymous.

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