NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Tens of thousands of families across our country are searching for answers in missing persons cases, some of which have spanned decades. That includes hundreds of cases here in Tennessee.

According to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System or NamUS, more than 600,000 missing cases are reported each year. Fortunately, for the vast majority those people are found safe. But, for those who are not found, families are left with the heartache of not knowing what happened.

Here’s a look at 14 open missing persons cases in the NamUs of individuals who disappeared in Middle Tennessee.


  • Name: Kristie Renee Wilson
  • Last Contact: May 2018
  • Missing Age: 39
  • Summary: Wilson was last seen with Henry Wilson. One of their cell phones last pinged off a tower near Highway 85 between Allred and Wilder. She has a tattoo on her leg of a waterfall and a dream-catcher mix.


  • Name: Scott Raymond Ruckoldt
  • Last Contact: May 2010
  • Missing Age: 48
  • Summary: Around 9 o’clock at night Ruckoldt walked away from his home and hasn’t been seen since. He typically wears blue jeans and prescription glasses.


  • Name: Gerardo Hernandez Acevedo
  • Last Contact: December 2019
  • Missing Age: 35
  • Summary: Hernandez Acevedo left his vehicle in a parking lot and left with a woman who he was later seen with at a bar in Nashville. His family believes he may be in the Memphis area.


  • Name: Colby James Anderson
  • Last Contact: July 2021
  • Missing Age: 30
  • Summary: Anderson was seen leaving his home in a white 2014 Dodge Dart with Utah plates. He did not take personal belongings like his phone or wallet. He had recently moved to the area from Utah.


  • Name: Zaylee Grace Fryar
  • Last Contact: May 2011
  • Missing Age: 0
  • Summary: Fryar and her mother, Shauna Fryar, disappeared at the same time. However, her mother was found dead in a river 6 days later, and she hasn’t been seen since.


  • Name: Mohammad A Al-Mosawi
  • Last Contact: November 2018
  • Missing Age: 29
  • Summary: Al-Mosawi was last seen walking away from a traffic accident that he caused on I-24 W at Harding Place. His family and friends haven’t heard from him since.
  • Name: Charles Billy Anglea, Jr
  • Last Contact: July 2010
  • Missing Age: 54
  • Summary: Anglea Jr.’s last known location was possibly the Dragon Tale in Pigeon Forge. He was likely driving a motorcycle with a full windshield, black leather saddles bags and all chrome. He has a tattoo of a cross with barbwire on his upper right arm.
  • Name: Donald Lewis Johnson
  • Last Contact: November 1989
  • Missing Age: 21
  • Summary: Johnson was last seen on Tennessee State University campus at Boyd Hall. He vanished without a trace.
  • Name: Roger Kay Liles
  • Last Contact: May 1992
  • Missing Age: 49
  • Summary: Liles was last seen at a residents in the 500 block of Cedar Lane. His dog was found at Nashboro Woods. He has a tatto “born to lose” on his arm.
  • Name: Latisha Yvonne Milliken
  • Last Contact: March 2007
  • Missing Age: 27
  • Summary: Milliken was homeless at the time of her disappearance. She has a clef pallet and tattoo of “Lee,Lee” on her right calf and Mickey Mouse on her right leg.

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  • Name: Pamela Jean Mitchell
  • Last Contact: August 1992
  • Missing Age: 30
  • Summary: Mitchell was last seen at the Krystal on West Trinity Lane in 1992. She lived on Dickerson Road.
  • Name: Veda Lou Powers
  • Last Contact: May 1992
  • Missing Age: 29
  • Summary: Powers was last seen by her sister, who she had dropped off for work. She told her sister she was going home to bed but vanished. Powers car was found abandoned on 14th Avenue South near Edgehill.
  • Name: Linda Carol Taylor
  • Last Contact: April 1983
  • Missing Age: 34
  • Summary: After a night out with friends, Taylor was last seen by her friends at an apartment on Belmont Boulevard April 24, 1983.
  • Name: Jason Baker Wilson
  • Last Contact: December 2006
  • Missing Age: 29
  • Summary: He disappeared without a trace from Seifried Street. Wilson has Spiderweb Harley Davidson tattoos on shoulders and flames with “God, I owe you one” on both forearms.

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