Indiana newborn left in controversial ‘baby box’


LA PORTE COUNTY, Ind. (WFLA) – A volunteer fire department fought long and hard to approve a safe haven baby box, and now it may have saved a precious life.

The boxes are designed to be warm and secure once the door of the hatch closes. It then triggers an alarm notifying local officials action is needed.

Many officials were against it, but on Tuesday night, it became a needed tool when a baby was dropped off there for the first time.

That alert went out to the local fire chief and at first, he thought it might be a false alarm but opened up the hatch carefully anyways.

“So, I open it up, and I just..that baby just looked me right in the eyes. Yeah…” Chief Mick Pawlik said. Coolspring Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept

Local officials are now commending the baby’s mother for doing the right thing, making sure Baby Hope was unharmed and in a safe location to get care.

And this story gets even better.

It has touched so many people on social media, and some have even reached out to Indian’s Child and Family Services to adopt her.

Indiana has a safe haven law that allows for a newborn infant to be given up without fear of arrest of prosecution.

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