TDOT looking to make changes to dangerous I-65 S ramp


In one year, there have been 34 wrecks in the same place on the same Brentwood ramp. Now, TDOT is investigating if perhaps the road has a design flaw and, if so, how to fix it.  

News 2 obtained surveillance footage showing the southbound ramp from Old Hickory Blvd onto I-65 South.  

The video showed the road is still wet as a white pick-up truck accelerated. As the truck got on to the interstate, it fish tailed, went off road and flipped in the grass.  

There have been so many wrecks that the guard rail at the end of the ramp is crumpled.  

According to data obtained by News 2, 10 of the 34 wrecks involved injuries, 24 of the wrecks took place in wet conditions and 1 wreck involved a highway patrol officer.  

“We want to hear if there are issues just like this that are causing crashes, you know sometimes a subtle little issue is the right recipe to cause a high number of crashes so, our number one goal is safety,” said BJ Doughty, spokeswoman for TDOT.  

At TDOT headquarters, one of the many cameras is fixed on the southbound I-65 ramp.  

Even to the untrained eye, its easy to see that drivers are having trouble with the turn and the merge, consistently driving over the white line.  

Because of the high number of wrecks at this on ramp, TDOT spent last week analyzing the ramp’s surface, angle, and even drainage.  

BJ Doughty said a resolution will come quickly.  

In the meantime, the message board is on the ramp warning drivers to be cautious.  

TDOT said they should have some solid plans by next week. It could come in stages starting with re-striping the first then making more structural changes.  

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