Drag racing a concern for quiet South Nashville neighborhood

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Several residents in the Glencliff neighborhood in South Nashville are worried about drag racing on their streets.

“You can hear them coming from a mile away,” Alexandra Reed told News 2.

She says cars are revving by the schools and zooming past her house.

“As I was turning left into my driveway they sped right past me and almost T-boned me right in front of my house.”

She explains that the speeding has been an issue for a while, but it’s getting worse.

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“They are very loud cars, they put those mufflers on them and you can hear them screaming all through the streets.”

Reed says they race from Antioch Pike to Glencliff Road and around Mccall Street, mostly after school, and says there are several children that live in the area.

“There’s a lot of walkers that walk from school to home and some of these streets don’t have sidewalks, which is also a concern,” said Reed.

Her street is 30 mph, but the speed limit doesn’t seem to faze the racers.

“It’s just a flash. I wouldn’t be surprised if they went from 30 to the time they get down there, 70. They’ll just floor it from the stop way. It’s almost like they are just drag racing from stop sign to stop sign, is what it seems like,” she said.

Often the cars will be on two-lane roads with one car racing in the wrong direction, she explained.

“Lots of times you will see almost head on collisions because they are having to go around people.”

She is among several neighbors that tells us they have reported the ongoing issue to police

“Anytime I call it in I tell them it just seems to get worse and we need more patrols and more people watching the streets.”

Reed hopes something is done before it’s too late.

“The whole neighborhood is concerned. We feel that something bad will happen before anything is really done.”

We also spoke with the president of the neighborhood association in the area. She told News 2 they have been in communication with police for about a year regarding the issue, and this week they were told there will be more traffic officers patrolling.

She also reached out to Metro Public Works about conducting a speed study in the Glencliff neighborhood and that they plan to do so in the coming weeks.

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