There’s now a new opportunity to help with traffic and help you earn cash. 

The rewards come from a new partnership between WeGo Public Transit and rideshare app Hytch. 

Hytch rewards carpoolers, and now it’s expanding to some public transit routes. 

People who ride the Music City Star and the circuit busses downtown are eligible. 

They just have to ride with at least one friend using the app to earn cash. 

WeGo Public Transit Spokesperson Amanda Clelland said the new partnership between WeGo and Hytch is based on reducing traffic. 

“Even if you don’t use it every day, like with public transit, you might be able to use it a couple of times a week. And that, makes a little bit of a chip in the overall problem,” said Clelland. “If a number of people do that, there will be a few less cars on the road.” 

Clelland said the program could expand if it’s successful. The app is free. 

According to Hytch, you can earn on average a dollar a day, adding up to anywhere from $30 to $50 a month.