One of Middle Tennessee’s roughest roads is finally seeing some TLC.  
The pothole repairs along Interstate 440 is well underway, and nearing completion. 

Crews with the Tennessee Department of Transportation have been working on re-patching at night and laying down new asphalt.  
Drivers told News 2 the repairs are like night and day.  

“I was like, ‘Whoa, this is a lot smoother than I thought it was,'” said Josiah Sellers. 
“I felt like I was on roller skates at the skating rink,” said driver Marcus Marsh. “Pretty smooth.” 
“As of now, it’s still pretty bad,” said driver Asa James. 
Weather permitting, TDOT officials said the asphalt re-patching could be done by the of this week. 
When that time comes, officials said about 50 percent of I-440 will be repaved, with some stretches seeing all three lanes paved across. 
Will Reid, TDOT Asst. Chief Engineer of Operations, said with the ice and snow from this past winter, and a record wet spring on forecast, the potholes have been extensive. 
The temporary paving is a stop-gap measure until the larger I-440 reconstruction projects begins in the fall. 
That project is set to replace the concrete road to asphalt.  
“We know it’s an issue,” said Reid. “That’s why we chose enhanced patching process. The pavement that’s out there – 20-year life for most concrete.  We’ve gotten 29. We’ve gotten a lot of bang for our buck. now trying to address it.” 
TDOT said the larger 440 project will take about three years to complete.