The future of Nashville transit didn’t die in a vote on May 1

Mass transit was once again on the table for discussion on Monday afternoon.  

Councilman Robert Swope told News 2 he had a meeting with Mayor David Briley on Monday and said at this point, everything is back on the table as far as looking at creating a new plan for Nashville.  

Since the proposed multi-billion dollar transit plan was voted down earlier this month, the city of Nashville has gone back to the drawing board.  

Swope said some of the ideas being discussed are double-stacked freeways, autonomous buses and cars.  

According to Swope, the plan would cost less than $2 billion and half of it would be federally funded.  

“It is in all of our best interests, both from a mayoral administration, from a council, and from every department in this city to work together to sit down at the table collectively at every single option available to us – not just 1850s technology, but 2050 technology. As we move forward, I hope the mayor and all of us continue that conversation,” he said.  

Right now, the plan is just ideas, and nothing is set in stone. Swope did add he was encouraged by his conversation with Mayor Briley.