Video obtained by News 2 shows dramatic moments after deadly police shooting

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Video obtained by News 2 provides a first look at the dramatic events following a fatal police shooting in Nashville. Security cameras captured the moments before and after the deadly encounter Thursday night.
25-year old Daniel Hambrick, who Metro police say had a gun, died after being shot by officer Andrew Delke. Hambrick had run from the scene of an incident involving a stolen vehicle. The TBI is leading the investigation into the shooting.
Video from the first camera shows activity at 17th and Jo Johnston Avenue. Trees block portions of this camera’s view. Multiple units respond quickly. Residents gathered as more officers and medical personnel arrived.
Trees block portions of the view from the second camera, also. We zoomed in on some shots for a closer look at the intersection of 17th and Jo Johnston Avenue, where a heavy police presence unfolded just moments after the shots rang out. Several cruisers can be seen at the intersection.
A wider view shows an officer in an unmarked car in place, on the right side of the screen, as another officer on the sidewalk helps set up a perimeter.
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