NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – New legislation will be introduced to combat ongoing pollution affecting the Harpeth River.

State representatives Bo Mitchell and John Ray Clemens along with State Senator Jeff Yarbro have co-authored a bill to set a limit on the amount of pollutants water treatment plants, specifically Franklin’s sewage treatment plant, can discharge.

The Harpeth River is a State Scenic River through Davidson County with many users from the greater Nashville area. Swimmers, paddlers and anglers, among others, enjoy the Harpeth and come in contact with the rivers waters.

The city of Franklin opposes the legislation saying, in part,

“The proposed water pollution legislation is specifically and unjustifiably aimed at the City of Franklin and its rate payers. Despite propaganda to the contrary, the efforts of the city of Franklin and the state regulators has been to have a permit and wastewater treatment operations that will continue to produce a high-quality discharge of water back into the Harpeth River now and in the future.”

The Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association. The Harpeth Conservancy and the Sierra Club also backs the proposed legislation.