Articles of clothing found in search for missing Hendersonville man

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HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Authorities in Hendersonville say they found at least three articles of clothing belonging to a man who went missing on Halloween.

Tom Daniel Thompson was last seen Tuesday around 7:30 p.m. when he reportedly walked out of an area hospital against medical advice.

His girlfriend, Ashleigh Galavin, was with him at the time and said he seemed to snap.

“He said, ‘They’re gonna sedate me. ‘They’re gonna put me to sleep.’ He said, ‘Somebody’s after me. I’m leaving,’ and I said, ‘No no, Tom, you can’t leave, just sit there calm down,’ and he went and just left and took off,” she told News 2.

Galavin said she chased after him but couldn’t keep up, eventually losing track of him. She told News 2 he called about an hour and a half later from near the park, and that’s the last anyone heard of him.

The park was Memorial Park, where family has been searching themselves. On Friday, they reportedly found one of his points, and police then joined the search Saturday morning.

“He’s not familiar with Hendersonville. That’s why we started, just started looking everywhere,” said Thompson’s sister, Angela Wood.

A second boot was found Saturday as well, and dog traced Thompson’s scent near the water, according to authorities.

“When we found his boot by the water, my heart just stopped cause my brother don’t know how to swim,” Woods told News 2.

Thompson’s family is desperate to find him and hopes someone may have seen him. Anyone with information regarding the location of Thompson is encouraged to contact the Hendersonville Police Department at 615-822-1111.

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