Police are investigating a bizarre attempted kidnapping that happened around 9 a.m. Monday at the Highlands of Tulip Grove in Hermitage. 

Lydia McCallister says she saw a man pull in to her driveway and park.

“The person that got out was wearing a blue surgical mask and blue surgical gloves,” she explained.

McCallister first thought the hooded, masked man was merely at the wrong home.

“You see people that are sick wearing those mask or maybe he was a construction worker that was trying to find a house.”

She came outside to tell the man not to park in her driveway.

“I was like I don’t know where you are supposed to be, but you are not supposed to be here.”

That’s when things took a terrifying turn.

“He kept trying to push past me into my house,” she said while threatening her to get inside or he would shoot her.

She thought for a second to comply, but she didn’t see a weapon. Instead, it was a bag with rope and keys in his hands that caught her attention.

“I saw the rope, and I thought he is going to tie me up if we go in the house and I’m not going to let him tie me up, so it’s either fight him in my house or fight him here on my porch,” said McCallister.

That’s when she says her flight or fight reaction went straight to fight.

“I turned, and I pushed him like this, and he ended up all the way over here, and I saw him hit his head, and his head goes like ‘boof,'” she said. Then he took off while she yelled for help.

A neighbor responded to her calls for help, but the man was taking off.

“[I] still feel very scared,” she said. “A little empowered that I was able to fight him off — that makes me feel good, but I don’t know if he’s going to come back. I don’t know what his intentions were with me. I don’t know if he’s still watching my house. I don’t know so I’m very frightened.”

McCallister is sharing her message in hopes other women will stand up if they find themselves in trouble.

“I just want to spread it, so people know that it happened, watch out, be cautious and fight back if you can,” she said.

McCallister said the suspect is a black man around 5-foot-8-inches tall. He was driving a bright red, newer looking car — possibly a Nissan Altima — with no tags.