Tensions high as accused killer Kirby Wallace appears in Dover courtroom

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Accused killer Kirby Wallace made his first court appearance Tuesday in Stewart County. 

Wallace was wearing an orange jumpsuit with a bulletproof vest. 

His attorney waived a reading of the affidavit.  

The judge set November 6 for a hearing in General Sessions Court. 

As Wallace left the courtroom, someone in the gallery yelled, “We’ll watch you die Kirby!”

There were more than a dozen people sitting in the gallery on the other side of a glass partition. 

Sheriff Frankie Gray said they were taking ‘special precautions’ to transport Wallace to the courtroom Tuesday. Inmate transport is considered one of the most dangerous times for both law enforcement and the accused. 

After an intense week-long manhunt to capture Wallace, officials wanted to make sure that he does not try to escape. Transport from the jail to court is only about one mile in Stewart County. 

Accused killer Kirby Wallace in custody after intense manhunt

Sheriff Gray said Monday that Wallace remains in isolation and has not given them any trouble at the jail. Gray added that a prison nurse checked on Wallace Monday and said that he remains in good health despite spending days in the woods hiding.

While Stewart County will deal with Wallace first, he does face charges in Montgomery County as well. Sheriff John Fuson is meeting this week with the District Attorney on how best to proceed with charges in his county and when. 

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