New York custodian reunites Brentwood man with lost class ring from 1979


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A school custodian in New York helped a Tennessee man find what he was missing from over 900 miles away. 

A class ring was lost and has now been returned to its rightful owner.  

The grounds surrounding Carrie Tompkins Elementary School are always clean when head custodian Brian Rizzo’s on the job.  

But never in his nine years as custodian did Rizzo expect to take on a new role – as ring bearer.  

It began last month as Rizzo was cleaning up a field for students to use during gym class. 

“Out of the corner of my eye I happened to see this band sticking out of the ground. I pulled it out of the ground, noticed it was a ring,” said Rizzo. 

The ring’s stone was intact with no scrapes on it, dated 1979 with the intials DM. 

Inside the Croton Free Library, Rizzo opened the 1979 yearbook and started looking for someone with the initials D-M. Within minutes, he found a man named Daniel Macrini. 

“I was able to find him on Facebook, I sent three messages, no response,” said Rizzo. 

“Then I noticed he worked at a nursing facility in Tennessee, I said let’s give him a call.” 

From 900 miles away, Daniel Macrini, of Brentwood, was in shock.  

“I couldn’t not believe it. It had to be true. It was just so outrageous,” said Macrini.  

Macrini was asked what he was doing in the woodsy area 40 years ago.  

“We didn’t sit on our iPhones back in 1979, we actually went outside and played sports and I’m assuming that’s what I was doing,” said Macrini.  

Rizzo shipped the ring to Macrini and now it is back on his finger.  

“This has nothing to do with the material, this has to do with the heart of somebody who saw an opportunity to make somebody feel better about something,” added Macrini.  

“I feel a warmness in my heart, that I was able to do this for him and find this for him,” said Rizzo.  

One random act of kindness—rewritting this ring’s story.  

Macrini said he will wear the ring from now on, so he it won’t get lost again. 

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