Governor Haslam getting pressure to veto ‘sanctuary cities’ bill


Governor Bill Haslam’s office says there have been more calls to veto the so-called “sanctuary cities” bill than any other measure this past legislative session. 

There have been rallies at Legislative Plaza and letters delivered to his office over the past week urging him to veto HB 2315. 

It requires local sheriffs and police to go along with federal immigration requests to hold immigrants suspected of entering the country illegally. 

The bill also says cities or counties could lose state economic development money if they have policies discouraging local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration agents. 

A ban on sanctuary cities has been in place for Tennessee since 2009. 

Last week, the governor was asked about a potential veto of the “sanctuary cities” or any other measure passed in the hectic last day of the legislature in late April. 

“We are literally debating pros and cons of each action right now,” he told News 2. 

When asked if he there was one specific bill he was considering for a veto, the governor replied, “I am not taking that off the table for two or three bills. We have to see what happens.” 

Whatever happens will wait until at least next week when the governor returns from an economic development trip in Europe. 

Lawmakers loaded the bill with amendments on the last day of session before it passed, so the measure may not make it to the governor’s desk for a week or so. 

A veto of the controversial bill could trigger a special session to override the governor’s action. 

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