Former Collierville Vice Mayor reflects on grocery store mass shooting


COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Investigators are still trying to find a motive for the deadly mass shooting at a grocery store in West Tennessee. One of Colliervlle’s community leaders is talking with “Good Morning Nashville” about healing and recovery.

Tony Sarwar is the former Vice Mayor of Collierville who said he rushed to the Kroger parking lot after the shooting. He told us so many people in the community have a connection to the location of this tragedy.

“You can you go to that Kroger and you see everybody in the community at the Kroger so everybody here visualize themselves being there at that time,” Sarwar said. “That’s what I think everybody here can connect to that they’ve been in that deli and they could have been there. So many people I’ve heard that were going shopping and you know, through the grace of God, took a left turn or had something come up.”

Now the attention turns to healing and stepping up to help the victims and their families. Sarwar told us that will be a top priority.

“We have to be there for those family members and we have to be there for those victims. They’re the ones that are really going through the toughest part of this. We can see ourselves in their places, but we are not in their places. And so we have to be there for our community, we will make sure that whatever those needs are, we have to meet it as a community,” Sarwar said.

He added that he attended a vigil this weekend and he wanted people to know that the thoughts and prayers they have received from around the state are noted and are appreciated.

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