Churches, TV stations anticipate impacts of Daylight Saving Time bill


As Tennessee’s Daylight Saving Time bill heads to Gov. Bill Lee’s desk, residents are anticipating the perks and challenges of not having to change their clocks.

Fast-forward to November 3, the day you’re supposed to wake up with an extra hour of sleep. That could very well change if Gov. Lee signs the bill. Instead, that Sunday morning would be just like any other day. 

“I think it’s a great thing,” said Talor Russell, a Tennessee resident. “Just keep it simple. Keep it the same.”

Back to Sunday morning — some churches are hoping their seats are filled a little more than usual.

Michael Korak from the Downtown Presbyterian Church on 5th Avenue told News 2 some members in the congregation are devoted Tennessee Titans fans.

The church has one Sunday service at 11 a.m., and they hope the time not changing later this year will entice more sports fans to take in the service before the game. 

“The possibility is we won’t see the conflict,” Korak said. “We might get more people.”

After all, the Tennessee Titans game won’t be at noon. The Panthers matchup would now be at 1 p.m.

“It may give them an opportunity to come here earlier,” Korak said.

But there are a lot of other questions being raised.

Even those of us at News 2 are wondering how it will impact programming.

“It’s a bill that gets introduced pretty often, but it doesn’t typically get this far,” said Tracey Rogers, General Manager at News 2. “It seems to get more steam, so it’s something we’ve been thinking about, talking about since the bill came up.”

Since our network feed is on the Eastern Time Zone, come Nov. 3, the time in New York City would also be the same time Nashville, which is in the Central Time Zone. 

Rogers said the station is looking to other markets with similar time changes to figure out what is best for programming and viewers.

Lots of questions still to come. But look at it this way – we have a few months to let it soak in.

Even if Gov. Lee signs the bill, the U.S. Congress must then go and pass a law that gives states the right to stick with Daylight Saving all year.

Pres. Donald Trump has already said he likes the idea of a nationwide change.

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