Some council members aren’t sure fairgrounds is place for soccer stadium

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While soccer is coming to Nashville, several Metro Council members aren’t sure it’s chosen home, the fairgrounds, is the right place for the stadium. 

Council member Decosta Hastings has filed a bill stating that if the fairgrounds location doesn’t work out, the soccer stadium should be built at Metro Center. Metro Center is in Hastings’ district. 

At 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Hastings is hosting a meeting on the top floor of the Maxwell House Hotel to talk about his plan. 

Hastings also filed a bill with Councilman Steve Glover that would take out language saying the soccer stadium must be built at the fairgrounds. 

Nashville Mayor David Briley recently told News 2 the location of the stadium has been decided. 
“I’m supportive of the project overall,” Briley said. “The council voted to locate it at the fairgrounds site and that decision has been made. Thirty one members voted to put it here, I think it’s time for them to move on to another matter.” 

Briley continued, “There are some details still to be worked out in terms of the overall site at the fairgrounds and what’s going to go where, and they’re working hard on that. There’ll be some additional legislation that comes back to finalize all of the details, but one detail that is determined and final is that the soccer stadium is going to be at the fairgrounds.” 

With the addition of the new Nashville team, 14 clubs have joined MLS since 2004.

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