No tickets given for scooter violations in Nashville

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If you’ve been downtown lately, you may have run into or tripped over a scooter and if you saw someone riding one on the sidewalk or while drinking, they’re breaking the law.

News 2 looked into it and found the police have never actually given a ticket for scooter violations. 

According to the Metro Nashville Police code, it is illegal to:
— Ride on sidewalks in business districts
— Ride one if you’re under the age of 18 and if you don’t have a valid driver’s license 
— You can’t ride with more than one person— and if you’ve been drinking. 

But Metro police say they don’t have enough man-power to be patrolling such violations downtown. 

They have to prioritize crime and life-threatening calls. 

“We have an obligation to protect human life and property, we prioritize those above other things such as the enforcement of scooter regulations,” said Lt. Mike Gilliland with the Traffic Section Commander, “To our knowledge, the police department has not been given any additional resources for that regulation.”

News 2 checked with the Traffic Violations Bureau and not a single ticket has been issued since they came to town at the beginning of 2018.

“We have to work with and manage the resources that we have. There’s just no additional resources for the scooter enforcement,” Gilliland said, “We just don’t have the resources right now.”

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