The internet came in handy for a Nashville woman who delivered her own baby while in a hotel room in another country. 

First, 22 year old Tia Freeman didn’t know she was pregnant until her 7th month. She hadn’t gained much weight and was in denial, waiting to tell her family and friends. A few weeks later, since she already bought tickets to see a friend over seas she boarded a plane and the baby decided to make a surprise appearance during a layover in Istanbul. 

“I started to get cramps and I contributed that to maybe food poison,” Freeman told News 2. 

Freeman thought she was having cramps while on the plane flying across country, but it turned out to be contractions. She landed in Istanbul and while in a 2 hour line through customs, Freeman says her cramps got more severe. 

“I’m holding on to the guardrail and I’m like oh my God I better not pass out in this airport, there’s no way I’m going down on this airport floor.”

Still not quite realizing she is in labor, Freeman takes a cab to her hotel room. 

“At that point I’m like no this is labor, like I’m pretty sure this is what it is, so I Google it and I’m like how do you know if you’re in labor.” 

Figuring out that she is, she starts preparing to give birth on her own. 

“I go and look up YouTube videos and I just literally type in how to deliver a baby and like the first video that popped up I was like ok this is what we will use,” she explained. 

And in only a matter of minutes, with a couple of towels on hand and in an bathtub she gave birth. 

“As soon as he came out he just bobbled up to the top of the water and I had no clue what the sex of the baby was yet so I just like lift him above my head reminiscing of like the Lion King. I was like whup its a boy!” 

A healthy 6 pound 9 ounce baby boy, Xavier was born, but her work wasn’t done. 

“Then it’s time to cut the umbilical chord and I’m like dear god I’m nervous now.”
Freeman goes to Google for advice.

“I didn’t have clamps on me. I was totally unprepared for this, so what I decided to use was my shoe laces. Each room has an electric kettle in it, I put water in it, it took about 2 minutes and I put my shoe laces in there and then i just waited for them to get sterilized and I had a pocket knife on me so i just threw that in there to,” she explained. 

Freeman successfully cut the chord with shoe strings and her pocket knife, her placenta passes, she cleans up the bathroom and breast feeds her baby before calling it a night. 

“We just laid in bed, I went to sleep and that was how I delivered my baby.”

Believe it or not she says she would do it the same way if she had the opportunity again. Of course it is always advised that you get medical help, as you could put yourself and the baby at risk. Freeman says she didn’t because the few people she had encountered didn’t speak English and she also didn’t know how her insurance would work over seas, so she took the risk. 

Freeman and her new baby did eventually end up in the hospital, where they were checked on before flying home to La Vergne two weeks later. 
Xavier, who is now 7 weeks old got a Turkish middle name from the experience, Ata which means forefather and gift. 

Freeman says Xavier has an American citizenship and that he is able to hold a Turkish citizenship as well, so he will have dual citizenship until he’s 18.