Murfreesboro couple scammed out of $1,000


It seemed like a quick and easy way to make some extra cash – riding around in your own vehicle advertising for a company. 

But a Murfreesboro couple looking for some additional money, wound up losing money instead. 

Janice and Michael Stoetzel said they were looking to make a few extra bucks to pay federal taxes. 

“I just filed taxes, I’m was procrastinator and we owe some taxes and we were going to pay that off with it,” Janice Stoetzel explained. 

So, the email they received about some quick, easy cash couldn’t come at a better time. 

“It was for a wrapping on your vehicle and they would pay you $500 a week while you advertised for them,” Janice Stoetzel said. 

Five hundred dollars a week for four weeks to use their vehicle as a moving billboard seemed legit. 

“We thought it was legit because we had seen the Red Bull car riding around with a wrap on it,” Janice said.  

Two days later they received a cashier check in the mail for $2,390.40. 

“The check with the Dr. Pepper logo with a letter came with it,” Stoetzel said. “It was a first week’s salary of $500 and the rest was for the wrapping on the vehicle and we were to deposit it in our bank.” 

They did a Walmart to Walmart transfer supposedly to do the wrap. 

Turns out it was a scam. 

“It’s the first time I’ve been scammed, my husband and I,” she said. “It makes me feel angry, very angry, that someone would do this to us.” 

Stoetzel is now warning others knowing after losing more than $1,300. 

“Older people could fall victim to this very easily,” the victim said. “We’re not elderly people, we’re middle-aged and we got scammed, so, I feel sorry for the ones that are still doing it.” 

Police told News 2 once someone transfers money or sends it on a pre-paid or iTune Card the money is gone. There’s not much the bank or police can do. 

“If you put your money on a pre-paid credit card or some kind of money transfer card, the money is gone,” Murfreesboro Police Ofc. Amy Norville said. “There is really not a way for us to track it, many, many of those perpetrators are out of state, some are sometimes out of country. So when you hand your money over or you transfer those funds their gone.” 

Police said these types of scams happen in cycle. 

They’ve seen quite a few tax scams because of the tax season, but they have also seen jury duty scams. 

If you receive an email or test about car wrapping for cash, your best bet is to just delete it. 

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