Loaded guns found near children in Madison home

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A convicted felon is now charged with child endangerment after police entered his home in Madison and found several weapons near young children.

29-year-old Kenneth Spicer is locked up on several serious charges after Metro Police served a search warrant Friday at his home along Aline Avenue in Madison.

Once inside the home, police said they found a Mossberg .22 caliber Ar semi-automatic pistol and a Smith and Wesson 9mm semi-automatic pistol, each magazine loaded with one in the chamber.

According to officers, both firearms were found hidden in the couch and pointing in the direction of a four-month-old baby.

Police said the weapons were easily accessible to two other children in the home, ages five and twelve.

Authorities reportedly also found a sizable amount of drugs in the home, in which they believe Spicer was dealing

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