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Cheatham County police are searching for three armed suspects

An early morning robbery at the Sudden Service on Highway 49 in Pleasant View was committed by three suspects who entered the market around 3:30 a.m.

Surveillance photos show two white males and one black male walked into the store dressed in black clothing and masks. One suspect wore a blue bandana.

One robber, armed with a shotgun, pointed it at the clerk while ordering the clerk to open the cash register.

Another suspect went behind the counter and stole cigarettes.

When they left, the suspects were seen heading toward another nearby Sudden Service Station south of the scene. 

Witnesses said they spotted the suspects getting into a 2004-2005 Buick Regal four-door, that was silverish/pewter in color. 

If you have any information on this robbery please call the Cheatham County Sheriff's Office at 615-792-2098


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