Burnette Chapel Church of Christ reopens its auditorium

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After more than a year of rebuilding and healing, the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ family is reopening the doors to the main worship space. 

September 24, 2017, Melanie Crow was killed and seven church members injured in a mass shooting at the church.

One of those shot was Minister Joey Spann, he told News 2 it’s been a tough year, but he’s seen so much good come from this tragedy, but he said some wounds are harder to heal than others.

“I don’t think they’ll ever be healed,” said Spann of his congregation. “Learning to deal with it, cope with it, handle it.”

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In the year since the shooting, the church has gotten a makeover to help erase some of the memories of that fateful day.

The new look includes re-configured pews, new paint and new front doors. 

“It’s been an opportunity to be a Christian light and to shine in our community because everyone knows us in our community now,” said Spann. “It’s like like they were been attacked. A year full of blessings, growth, spiritually, and emotionally.”

Throughout November services will focus on giving thanks… thanks for the first responders, the community response, the churches who came to help and the blessings that come from a tragedy like the one they endured. 

The suspect in the shooting is still in jail and awaiting trial.

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