NASHVILLE, Tenn., (WKRN) — Volatile is one way to describe the weather in March as the seasons transition from winter to spring.

Erratic weather patterns are evident in our state’s history as March also marks some of the most devastating natural disasters to be recorded from tornadoes to blizzards.

1913 Tornado Outbreak

  • Five tornadoes touched down March 13, 1913.
  • At least 9 people were killed.
  • One F3 traveled 50-miles across Giles, Marshall, and Rutherford Counties, killing 7, and injuring 50.
  • Heavy rainfall also led to extensive water damage and some flooding.

1925 Tornado Outbreak

  • Happened same day as the infamous Tri-State (Missouri, Indiana, Illinois) Tornado of March 18, 1925.
  • 3 deadly tornadoes left at least 42 people dead and dozens others injured in Middle Tennessee.
  • An estimated F4 touched down in Sumner County, killing 27 or more – making it one of the deadliest in Middle Tennessee history.

1942 Tornado Outbreak

  • Multiple F3 tornadoes touched.
  • There are a total of 8 fatalities and nearly a 100 injuries.
Greenhouse at Western State Hospital after it was hit by a tornado. The building is demolished. Courtesy: Tennessee State Library and Archives.

1993 Blizzard “Superstorm”

  • Storm of the century.
  • Jamestown received the high snowfall total at 26 inches.
  • Crossville set a station record of 20.5 inches of snow.
  • Allardt set its own one day record at 14.1 inches.
  • The storm claimed the lives of 14 people in Tennessee.

The National Weather Service lists many more significant weather events in March including:

March 17, 1892: Nashville records its greatest one-day snowfall ever, measuring 17″

March 21, 1932: Five tornadoes reported across Middle Tennessee. Seven people are killed.

March 23, 1968: Springfield measures 10″ of snowfall – its greatest one day snow ever.

March, 24, 1921: F3 “Twin” tornadoes travel 18 miles through Maury and Marshall counties. Four people were killed.

March 25, 2007: Crossville sets a new record high temperature record for March with 82 degrees.

March 31, 1923: A cold Nashville day makes record high and low. Temperature dropped to 21 degrees with a high of 36 degrees.

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