NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – May 27, 1972, is a day many in Tennessee won’t ever forget. It’s the day Opryland USA opened in Nashville.

The beloved theme park drew millions of visitors every year. When the park closed in 1997, parts of it were sold off to other amusement parks.

News 2 found a piece of it in Maryville, Tennessee.

Tom Vorjohan was shopping in an antique store in 2013, when he found a unique item of Opryland memorabilia. It was a gondola from the Opryland Sky Lift ride.

“I have a 25-foot by 32-foot deck that I built for and around a gondola from Opryland. I had it powder coated at a shop in Sevierville, and sunk it six-feet in the ground, and then even three feet up. I still put concrete around it, so it wouldn’t move. When I open up the door, I mean it’s the first thing you see. And it just takes your breath away,” said Vorjohan.

Vorjohan is proud to preserve a part of Opryland’s history in his own backyard.

“I see it everyday out of my bedroom window and out of my living room window. So, it’s pretty perfect. I’m very proud of it. It’s very cool to be the guy who has this,” said Vorjohan.

Now, Vorjohan is moving to Florida and selling this sentimental sensation. His post to sell it is catching a lot of attention on social media.

“It exploded, and just people talking about their experience on it. And, you know, so far as people remembered there was one person who distinctly remembered car 13. And I thought that was pretty cool,” said Vorjohan.

Vorjohan said this decision put him on an emotional rollercoaster.

“It’s killing me that I’m going to be selling the house. And it’s one of the reasons we put it up. And how you found me is I would really like to find a good home for it. I’d love somebody to contact you and get in touch with me. That would like to give it some more TLC for another decade. That would make me so happy,” said Vorjohan.

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Vorjohan is selling the gondola from the Opryland sky ride for $5,000.