NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN)– The Wellness Institute of Nashville in their new state of the art facility with Dr. Kevin Mitchell and his daughter Dr. Ashley.  At the state of the art facility, they offer exams, therapy and equipment use for those suffering from physical pain.

“There’s many things that can cause back pain, one of them is spinal stenosis.  And spinal stenosis will choke the spinal cord which is canal stenosis or foraminal stenosis where it goes down to the arms or legs,” said Dr. Kevin Mitchell.

Kevin also works with his daughter, Dr. Ashley Mitchell and she talks more about the symptoms associated with a pitched nerve.

“A pinched nerve occurs when the disc is touching the nerve.  So when there’s pressure on the nerve from the disc it causes symptoms such as numbness, tingling or even heaviness in the legs.  When it happens in the neck region same symptoms happen in your arms. These are both very common conditions and can be helped through spinal decompression,” said Ashley.

Collin Raye is a Country music artist and patient at the institute since 2017. Raye says he’s been dealing with pain since hurting his back in 2017 and initially was told surgery was the best option for him. As a touring artist, he said that didn’t seem like the best solution.

“I was walking like just bent way over, couldn’t straighten up and I’m still working still touring I mean how can I do my job like this, I can’t.  The pain was severe. So, a friend told me about Dr. Mitchell. So he explained to me what spinal decompression does, which makes perfect sense,” said Raye.

He laid on the machine that gently pulls the back and after about 20 minutes he felt so much better.

“By visit number seven or eight it was like man I feel actually pretty good. It’s just a little tender and I think it was the twelfth I realize I had done twelve and I was good. My back was fine and straight as an arrow and haven’t had that problem since,” said Raye.

Kevin said hearing patient’s stories like Raye’s is truly a beautiful thing. To schedule your appointment, visit their website or call (615) 883-4244.