Empire Today makes getting beautiful new floors easy and affordable.

News 2’s Silvia Castaneda spoke with Ryan the Empire Man to talk about hardwood flooring recently.

Now Ryan, we know hardwood flooring look beautiful in bathrooms and kitchens. They look great in bathrooms or kitchens, but homeowners have concerns thinking, you know, water and hardwoods, maybe not the best mix.

Ryan: Yeah, let’s face it. Hardwood and moisture don’t always mix. So today we can talk about a few different ways we can get that beautiful hardwood look in our home maybe in some of the areas before we didn’t think possible.

Silvia: So, you brought beautiful options, tell us about them.

Ryan: Well first we can start with vinyl plank or luxury vinyl plank. I love this, you can use it anywhere, your kitchens, bathrooms, basements, mudrooms, you name it. It’s extremely durable. I like to call it lifestyle proof. It also has the option of getting it with a cork backing as well so that’s going to drastically reduce noise in your home. Next, we have laminate. Now this is not your grandma’s laminate, thanks to manufactured technology. Not only do you now with this laminate, extra special, get a 100 percent waterproof feature but you get that beautiful wood look in your home. It’s got an extremely durable finish so it’s going to be great for those four-legged friends as well. And then finally we have tile or wood look tile. Not a lot of people associate wood look with tile, but that’s exactly what you are going to get. Now you can get that beautiful wood plank look in your home you know in your bathroom and your kitchens.

Silvia: So how does the Empire Today process work to get these beautiful floors in our homes?

Ryan: All you have to do is call our famous jingle, 888-588-2300 Empire Today or visit EmpireToday. com and schedule your free in-home appointment. We’re going to be with your project from start to finish. We make getting beautiful new floors easy.

Silvia: And everything’s inclusive with the quote, right? I’ve read that on your website.

Ryan: It’s an all-inclusive price from start to finish. Come ask for Aqua Defense.

Silvia: That’s awesome. Thanks so much for being here and educating us on all things flooring.

Silvia: Empire Today makes getting beautiful new floors easy. Call 800-588-2300 right now to schedule your in-home appointment to see flooring options. Today’s Take 2 segment was sponsored by Empire. For Take 2 segments go to WKRN.com/Take 2.