CARTHAGE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Smith County Fair in Carthage ‭is one of the few fairs that has announced that it will take place this year. Because of the pandemic, they thought long and hard about this, and have gone to great lengths to try to keep people safe.

They won’t be able to provide shuttle service this year because of social distancing and they will be doing temperature checks at the entrance. Dale Shoemake with the Smith County Fair explained the other measures they are taking to keep you safe:

“We have drawn out a grid where we are going to be setting up our food vendors and our rides,” said Shoemake. “It’s a big grid that shows our distancing of 6-10 feet away from our vendors, and our vendor spaces that are marked off lines that are recommended for people that whenever they are in line to receive food or for a ride. It shows that they are 6-10 feet apart from each other.”

“They are going to try to do some spacing on some of the rides, the ones where people may be sitting close to each other. They are going to be doing some social distancing on the rides themselves.”

“We will have handwashing stations set up throughout the fair at different locations. They’ll be clearly marked,” explained Shoemake.

The rides themselves won’t be open until Tuesday, as they want to clean and sanitize them before allowing people to get on them.

There will be signs recommending social distancing, particularly at the Demolition Derby, one of their most popular events.

They will also not be having any indoor events this year, allowing the fair to be totally outdoors.

They say they can’t be the police to enforce social distancing but are asking all attendees to please follow the guidelines set up to keep them safe.

For more information, see the Smith County Fair website or visit their Facebook Page.