FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) — It’s that time of the year when Tennessee vegetable farmers are harvesting their crops!

News 2 continues our Summer Suntacular series with a way you can get fresh Tennessee grown produce and feel safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Franklin Farmer’s Market has taken many measures to keep you safe while you purchase vegetables and other Tennessee grown and made products.

“We welcome all of our families and community out to the Franklin Farmers Market,” exclaimed Amy Tavalin, Executive Director of Franklin Farmers Market.

“We know that you are ready to get out and enjoy your Saturday mornings. We ask that you continue social distancing and that you wear your mask to protect yourself and our farmers.”

“This is the best time of the year at the Franklin Farmers Market. We have corn, tomatoes, squash, watermelons, blueberries, blackberries, cantaloupe. All of the wonderful produce that people love in the summer. It’s peak season right now.”

“There’s no better way to feed and nourish your family than buying from the person you know grows your food,” explained Tavalin. “This food has not traveled any more than 75 miles. We are a Tennessee only market, and all of our farmers here either make, grow, or produce their own food and arts and crafts. So we cannot thank our customers enough for supporting our farmers during this pandemic.”

And at the Franklin Farmers Market, you’ll find many CSA or “Community Supported Agriculture” farmers who specialize in getting food directly from their farm to you.

“We are Beaverdam Creek Farm,” noted Trish Lingo. “We’re located in Centerville, Tennessee. We use no chemicals that are harmful on our produce. And we’re a small family farm. We are glad to be able to provide good garden produce to all of our CSA customers and our customers here at the market. It means a lot to us to interact with the people.”

And as a vendor they feel that they and their customers are safe during the pandemic.

“Just about everybody here is wearing a face mask,” explained Lingo. “We hardly ever see anyone without one now. We’re trying really hard to be careful in how we handle things.”

The market has also widened its footprint to spread out the vendors and customers for social distancing. And this year there will be no live music or festivals. The market is open Saturday mornings from 8 am-noon and is located behind The Factory at the corner of Franklin Road and Liberty Pike. To learn more, go to The Franklin Farmers Market website.