CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — This will be the thirteenth year for the popular “Movies in the Park” series put on by Clarksville Parks and Recreation. This year it will be held at Liberty Park Athletic Field and there are changes put in place to keep you and your family safe.

Movies in the Park in 2019

“Were excited to bring back Movies in the Park for this season”, exclaimed Maggie Houts, Clarksville Parks and Recreation, Event Planning Specialist. “We know that people missing the movie theaters and wanting to feel safe while outside. So we’re really glad that we are able to implement these new guidelines that will make this event safe. So our first event is this Saturday, June 13th. We’ll be playing “Black Panther”. It will be held at the Liberty Park Athletic Field, which is near the playgrounds. And the movie will begin at sunset. So it will be around 8pm. There are multiple measures that we did put in place”.

Park workers painting squares for social distancing

“First of all, we are painting large white squares on the grass at Liberty Park, basically just to practice social distancing”, Houts said. “And each of these squares will be placed ten feet apart”.

Squares for social distancing

“Basically, we have different squares to accommodate different size groups. So our large squares are for four people or more, and out smaller squares are for three people or less. We will have staff on-site to monitor the social distancing within the squares. And also just for crowd control, we are limiting the number of squares that will be available. So, basically the squares will be assigned first-come, first served. So we are encouraging the public to arrive at least an hour before a movie begins”.

Movies in the Park in 2019
Movies in the Park in 2019

They will also have hand sanitizing stations throughout the park, and since there will be no food vendors, for now, they are encouraging people to bring a picnic dinner and refreshments with them.

To learn more, visit the Clarksville Parks and Recreation Website or visit their Facebook Page.