Dear reader,

This is Alex Denis, News 2’s 4pm anchor. This week I and my fellow News 2 anchors and reporters investigated the number of homeless children rising across the country, including right here in Middle Tennessee. Thousands of students are considered homeless locally. These students don’t have a permanent home, living in hotels, shelters, their car, a tent, etc. Many parents of these students are working, but due to circumstances and the rise of inflation it makes it nearly impossible for them to get ahead.

Other common challenges families face are a lack of affordable housing, limited childcare availability, and reliance on public transportation. Food insecurity is also a major issue and many students depend on the school system for their main meals.

Tennessee counties such as Rutherford County is calling on the community to donate nonperishable food to the district to help these students have food for at home, too. The Clarksville-Montgomery school district is also asking community partners to help donate resources like afterschool programs to these families. There’s so much the community can do to help these students have a shot at a better future.

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