NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – No one has scored more goals in the history of the Nashville Predators than Filip Forsberg, but has Forsberg scored his last goal in Predator gold?

The Preds 4-0 sweep at the hands of Colorado brought a disappointing end to what was a spectacular season for Forsberg. Playing in the final year of his contract he ripped off a career-best 42 goals in only 69 games setting himself up for a monster of a payday.

Predators GM David Poile could have traded Forsberg at the deadline, but instead chose to continue negotiations because he believes Forsberg wants to be here. It is time to find out. The season is over and Forsberg becomes a free agent in July.

“I’ve said that since day one, the goal is to come back here” Forsberg said Tuesday after cleaning out his locker, “Just going to have to wait and see and play it out. There’s been some progression throughout the season from where we started.”

Forsberg is a proven goal scorer topping 30 two-times before blowing up for 42 this season. 42 ties the teams’ single-season record with teammate Matt Duchene. 220 career goals is ten more than David Legwand for the most goals in Predatory history. His 41-game winning goals ties Legwand for the most ever.

This franchise has struggled to produce goal scorers for over 20 years and now that they have one no one wants to see him leave.

Teammate Mattias Ekholm wants him back, “The business side is the business side and he has to his decision as a man. Hopefully, the Preds do that. I can only speak as his friend and somebody he has played with for 10 years, I’d love to have him here.”

Money of course is at the core of the conversation. Forsberg is expected to command over $8-million per season. If duration is important the Predators can offer him 8 years right now while other teams can only offer him 7.

The Stanley Cup has to be a part of the conversation as well. Forsberg made it clear that is what he is playing for and the good news, is Poile believes the team is headed in the right direction, “I’ve been fortunate enough to be on this team for a long time now and I’ve made the playoffs every year, but at the same time every player plays to win the Stanley Cup and so do I, that’s my biggest goal. I do believe we have a team that can make that in the future. That’s a direction a team has to be heading and I believe we are.”

That is a very big statement from Forsberg. Publicly supporting the direction of the team during contract negotiations is not something every player would do. Not every player would say “we” either with free agency looming.

Fans want him back, Poile wants him back, he likes the direction… Sounds like it is just a matter of time.

Time is running out though.