Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill says the scar of last years’ playoff loss drives him each day to the 2022 season, but will it mean bigger stats?

In 2021 Tannehill had arguably his worst season as Titans quarterback throwing for 3,734 yards, 21 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. That was with AJ Brown for 13 games and Julio Jones for at least part of 10.

This season Tannehill will have neither of them after Jones was released and Brown was traded away to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Titans have restocked the shelves giving Tannehill former Rams star Robert Woods, tight end Austin Hooper and first round pick Treylon Burks from Arkansas.

What does it mean? Probably more of the same according to the people who set the odds. Wednesday the over & unders were released for each of the starting quarterbacks in the league and the projections for Tannehill are very close to last years’ numbers.

2022 Passing Yards – Over/Under 3600 yards

2022 Passing TD – Over/Under 23.5 TD’s

2022 Passing INT’s – Over/Under 12.5 INT’s

Tannehill threw for 3,700 and 3,800 yards the last two seasons for the Titans so dropping below 3,600 would be a significant drop-off. The bigger number to bet is probably the interceptions.

In Tannehill’s first two seasons with the Titans he played 28 games and only threw 13 interceptions. In 2021 he threw 14 while playing in all 17 games. It stands to reason that cutting down on those interceptions will be a point of emphasis this season. The Titans have also added a passing game coordinator Tim Kelly.