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Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN)- The Tennessee Titans have a big road trip to Atlanta on Sunday to face the Falcons. If they walk away with a victory, the Titans move to 2-2, but if they lose their record falls to 1-3.

Former Titans wide receiver Derrick Mason joined News 2’s Kayla Anderson in studio to share his opinions on this matchup and more.

Moving On From Mariota

Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota continues to be the hot topic surrounding this team. After last Thursday’s loss at Jacksonville, the chatter on whether or not he’s the right fit for Tennessee continues.

“After five years, it’s bad when you don’t know if he’s the guy or not. Is he a bad quarterback, no. He’s a good quarterback against a league of very good quarterbacks, so how does he separate himself, he just hasn’t,” said Derrick Mason.

Must Win For The Titans

During this week’s locker room availability, more than half the players we spoke to emphasized how this battle on Sunday vs. the Falcons is certainly a ‘must win’ game.

Mason added, “I do consider this a ‘must win’ for several reasons. First, you never want to be in a position after four games you’re 1-3 but most importantly, they’re 0-2 within the division. The Titans need to now run the table in the division and they need to win this game to keep pace with the other teams in the AFC.”

Finding Corey Davis

The Titans’ number one receiver is Corey Davis, but he hasn’t been able to show much in the first three games on the season. He has just six receptions for 82 yards and zero touchdowns.

“There is no chemistry with Marcus and Corey. Anytime in the preseason when Marcus is in the game or in practice, Corey needs to be in practice too and it wasn’t that way. You can’t build that chemistry with one guy if the other is always on the sideline. All of it isn’t his fault though. There has been times Marcus has overthrown him, so I think it’s a combo of both. Corey needs to step up but when he’s open, Marcus needs to find him,” said Mason.

Negative Yards have Been An Issue

“You can’t consistently continue drives if you’re having big negative yards or you’re not getting positive yards on first down. You have to stay ahead of the sticks so when it’s 2nd Down, it needs to be 2nd & 7 not 2nd & 10, 11, 15. That makes the playbook condensed and you want Arthur Smith to have an infinite playbook where he can do any and everything. The Titans haven’t been in that position where their playbook can just open up,” added Mason.

Mr. Jackson Are You For Real

The Titans’ defense has been a solid force over the past couple of years but there is always room for improvement, especially when it comes to individual play. Now in his third season, Adoree Jackson hasn’t quite been able to reach his potential a ‘big play-maker’ in the backfield.

Mason said, “One area they need to better themselves is with that 3rd or 2nd cornerback. Adoree needs to play better, he’s had opportunities for interceptions and he hasn’t made them. You have to understand Atlanta has three starters at wide receiver so you need three defensive back who can cover those three. Jackson needs to pull his weight.”

Make A Pick

“I’m picking Atlanta because I think this is a game where their offense picks up and their defense plays well enough. It will be a close game but I think because it’s in Atlanta, the Falcons will win,” said Mason.

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