WATCH: Titans offense struggles to find its identity


Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN)- It’s been the same story, week in and week out, the Tennessee Titans offense just hasn’t been able to find any consistency.

While there has been some progress with Ryan Tannehill taking over at quarterback, the sloppy play and silly mistakes makes it tough to move in a positive direction.

“Too many drives have been stopped by ourselves. Penalties, dumb mistakes we just have to play clean football,” said Ryan Tannehill.

And it all starts upfront, where right now the Titans’ offensive line ranks last in the league when it comes to production and that’s where most of the penalties continue to pile up, killing drives.

“I have to be better with my hands, I’ve told refs what I think about them sometimes and maybe made a bed for myself in different situations and so I’m probably looked at a little more. However when your hands are in the face it’s going to get called, they have a job and my job is to be better at my job when it comes to penalties,” Taylor Lewan.

The Titans know what kind of offense they’d like to be, but the identity isn’t going to be clear when there is no consistency.

“You know what that’s a really good question, but not for this team because the answer is no. We’re inconsistent and anytime an offense is inconsistent the identity is lost, so we have to do a better job of running the ball,” Taylor Lewan.

And Derrick Henry, who is a top ten running back in the league, will be key to keeping the Titans offense on the field this Sunday. If they can’t find work for him and control the clock, the Chiefs’ prolific offense will just keeping scoring points, handing the Titans another loss.

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