WATCH: Titans head coach Mike Vrabel is OK with NFL extending ‘virtual’ offseason until the end of May


Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN)- MLS and some NBA teams are back at practice facilities, but the NFL hasn’t reached that level quite yet, extending the entire virtual offseason until at least the end of May.

The original date for non-player personal to be back at facilities was May 15th, but while some states are easing coronavirus-related business restrictions, other states that are home to NFL teams, still have restrictions in place.

The NFL previously said that if one team could not practice in person, none of the teams would be allowed to. Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel said he is OK with waiting until all teams can return at the same time.

“I don’t think it would be right if we went in (to the training facility) and other teams couldn’t. There are things that make the NFL competitive. There’s the draft, there is a salary cap and rules we operate under, so I would assume it’s only right that if a handful of teams can’t go in, we can’t either,” said Vrabel.

OTAs haven’t officially started, so Vrabel said things aren’t drastically different. Usually at this time, players would be working with their position groups inside the facility classrooms, but instead they’re doing it virtually.

“The meetings have been great, I have been pleased with how our coaches have been able to teach, test and interact with the players. The players have been engaged and locked in,” said Vrabel.

As for the players thoughts on extending the virtual period, Titans tight end Jonnu Smith said it’s not idea, but it’s the reality of the situation and it needs to be accepted.

“It’s very unnatural to be doing everything over a screen, but we have to adjust and control what we can control. Other teams are in this predicament as well, so when the time does come, we’ll strap on our helmets and lay it all out there,” said Smith.

While the NFL wants to keep things in unison with teams returning to facilities, both Arizona and Florida says they are open to professional sports to resume activity.

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