WATCH: Local fitness studios balance bringing in income, providing community


Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN)- With COVID-19 shutting down our favorite workout spots, many of us are doing whatever we can to stay healthy and active from home. And even with local fitness boutiques closing their doors temporarily, they’re finding ways to keep their communities connected.

Sculpthouse opened up in Nashville about a year ago and CEO Katherine Mason is working hard to find some balance, trying to bring in income while trying to provide clients with an outlet to stay in shape.

That is where Sculpthouse’s online athleisure boutique business is helping out, offering at-home equipment like sliders and Bala Bangles hand weights. The boutique also carries a variety of workout clothing and accessories.

“We carry some amazing lines from all over the country, we are one of the only stores to carry them in Nashville. We have people shopping from all over the world,” said Sculpthouse manager Lexie O’Dowd.

Sumits Yoga Nashville also closed its doors over a week ago, and for Owner Nikki Manscill it was a difficult decision.

“We are so health driven, so when we had to shutdown it was a big thing because our people do feel like they are healthy when working out. But when it comes to a whole community as, we have to think forward, but it was tough,” said Manscill.

Sculpthouse and Sumits offer different workouts, but both take pride in building relationships with their members, and that is why it was important for these businesses to connect their communities through social media.

Sculpthouse has been providing workouts via Instagram and now on a Vimeo portal. Everyday, Director of Education, Luke Lombardo has providing many members with a sense of normalcy.

“These workouts really replicate our signature class, which is CardioSculpt. It’s 25 minutes of cardio and 25 minutes on the Megaformer. Luke has done a good job replicating that with the sliders, bala bangles and bala bands,” added O’Dowd.

And Sumits is also finding a way to connect with clients of Facebook. Manscill has made a group page, where Yogies can take classes from a variety of instructors throughout the week.

“We’ve had a great response and I think that’s just because we’re trying. That’s the main thing, just trying. Anyone in any business right now is focused on keeping some sort of connection in some sort of way,” said Manscill.

While most fitness studios originally closed their doors until April 6th, there is no set date for any to reopen. Right now both Sculpthouse and Sumits want to encourage people to take care of themselves and find ways to stay active.

If you are interested in being apart of their fitness communities, you can find more information on their websites: and or on Instagram @Sculpthouse.

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