Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN)- Putting in the work and embracing the grind, that’s what made Keith Bulluck one of the greatest players to wear the two-tone-blue.

He might not be playing football anymore, but the former Tennessee Titans linebacker is tackling a new challenge, stirring up something special.

“I was looking for a local investment and I wanted to find something in Nashville, something homegrown that I can put my brand behind,” said Bulluck.

Just Love was the right fit for the New York native. He’s not a big coffee drinker, but Bulluck believes in what the company stands for, giving a majority of its profits to worthy causes.

Bulluck added, “Our core values are to be genuine, be excellent and a catalyst of love and that started with Rob Webb and his wife Emily when they adopted their two daughters from Ethiopia.

And that immediately connected with Bulluck and he grew up in a similar situation.

“As a foster kid living with a white family, it was similar in a case that I can connect with all facets of it,” said Bulluck.

The franchise is quickly spreading across Tennessee and Bulluck is now the proud owner of Just Love Coffee Cafe at McEwen Northside, in Franklin.

Just like those early years in the NFL, some days can be a ‘grind.’

“It’s still a challenge operations, getting the shop to operate it the way I want to. I always have a plan and there is a strategy to everything,” said Bulluck.

Coffee is the main attraction, but there is also plenty of good things to grub on.

“I’ve created a Chicken Mediterranean Wrap, Kale Salad, I have a breakfast burrito,” added Bulluck.

And if you’re a Titans fan you’ll appreciate the decor. It houses everything from old newspaper clippings, laminated in the tables- to a GIANT mural.

“The one thing I asked for was Steve McNair. He is up there smiling down and I know he’d be laughing if he knew I was a doing a coffee shop,” said Bulluck.

Bulluck certainly gave Titans fans years of happiness and that mentality won’t change, hoping to leave his customers feeling the same way.

“When they leave here I want them to feel good about themselves, about what’s going on. I want this to be a space for people to come and clear their mind, just a space to feel great,” said Bulluck.

The McEwen location is now open at 401 Aspen Grove, Franklin. Hours of operation are Monday – Sunday 6:30 am – 8 pm.

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