WATCH: Belmont celebrates season, despite no NCAA tournament


Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN)- With one simple statement from the NCAA, the Belmont Bruins season, along with many others, is over.

“Even though we were anticipating it happening, we were still hopeful and naturally the news hit really hard for these players and our seniors,” Casey Alexander.

On Friday, Bruins head coach Casey Alexander met with his players, having to say goodbye in a very different way.

Alexander added, “It was tough impromptu season ending meeting, they were still disappointed. Usually you have some say about these decisions but this one you didn’t,” added Alexander.

The cancellation of the NCAA tournament is hard to comprehend, but Alexander knows this is bigger than basketball.

“There are a lot of competent, smart people that have to make decisions that are a lot bigger than basketball or March Madness, as much as we think that is important. We are clearly going to put it in their hands,” said Alexander.

Belmont might not be dancing this March, but they are still celebrating a great regular season that ended with an OVC Championship.

“We are very fortunate to had our conference tournament, to have the ability to win that and enjoy it over the last week,” said Casey.

Pain comes naturally with any sudden ending, but perspective is what matters.

Alexander said, “Coaching is not what happens in the NCAA tournament. It’s the managers and trainers that were just in that locker room, and the life we had together for a season and what we got out of it.”

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