WATCH: Baseball is considered America’s Pastime but it could strike out on the upcoming season


Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN)- Baseball is considered America’s Pastime, usually dedicated to bringing people in tough times, but instead Major League Baseball owners and players remain divided, and right now it looks like they are about to strike out on the entire season.

Tim Dillard is a pitcher in the Texas Rangers organization, and played for the Nashville Sounds last season.

“I was up at the Nashville Sounds stadium just the other day and it’s just sad to see it sitting there with no baseball being played,” said Dillard.

And while he still has a job, other Minor League players weren’t as lucky, cut by their clubs,receiving no pay.

The minor leagues is already hard, it’s a tough place to be, but now that your are in the minor leagues and you have no job, then what? Or you’re in the minors and there is no MLB, then what?” asked Dillard.

That is the question everyone is asking, but with players and owners in a financial fight a sought after July 4th start date, now seems unrealistic.

“On both sides you have to give and lets chalk it up and we’ll figure it out next year or in the off-season, but right now we have a major problem on our hand and we have to figure it out now,” added Dillard.

Owners have made it clear they want a shorter season, but Dillard says the suggested double-digit game season is laughable and there is a way to play more.

“I think they can at least play 100 games. I think they can get even more than that if they act quickly enough because people don’t mind playing baseball into November or even December that would be monumental,” said Dillard.

There is still so much to be decided, the two sides also would need to agree on health and safety protocols that would cover the game’s return, all these things add up and time is running out.

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