Vrabel studies energy during bye week


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Some players spent their bye week traveling, relaxing or catching up on college football, but Mike Vrabel spent it googling.

His focus – energy.

The idea of energy and what has attributed to the Titans lack of it to start games this season has been a hot topic.

“I know everybody made a big emphasis on the energy so I wanted to get to know and be educated on energy,” said Mike Vrabel.

So he took that curiosity and ran with it.

“There’s a law of conservation of energy that I studied. Potential energy, kinetic energy that I studied, so I could be knowledgeable when you ask me about energy.”

Then he proceeded to share his research project with the media on Monday.

“Energy can’t be created. I learned that when I did a study on energy. Did you know that? I went on google.”

Us in the media weren’t his only classmates. He also shared his newfound knowledge on energy with his team.

“He talked to us a little bit about kinetic energy and stuff like that, and potential energy so we got a little bit of a science lesson,” said wide receiver Kalif Raymond. “Hopefully I don’t have to take a test on it anytime soon.”

Hopefully not because it’s been a while since these players have studied science.

“Yeah it was funny, I heard kinetic energy, I hadn’t heard that since grade school,” said safety Kevin Byard.

All jokes aside, Vrabel did have a point. He explained energy can’t be created, it can only be transferred. And, that applies to this team. If the defense makes a big play, it transfers energy to the offense and vice versa.

I think it’s safe to say Vrabel is happy to have a game to prepare for this Sunday.

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