NASHVILLE, Tenn. – ‘Tis the season for watching football, eating turkey and giving back.

Titans corner back Tye Smith embodied all of that Tuesday when he provided lunch to students at Buena Vista Elementary.

The kids were able to sit and talk to the Titan while they filled their bellies with food he provided.

Sounds like a special day for them, right?

Well, Smith says he got more out of it than they did.

“I take away more than I feel like they takeaway because I feel like it’s good to see them smile, and see the positive energy,” said Smith. “You know, when you’re a kid, you’re just filled with so much joy and emotion, and you come and you have a football player at your school you’re like, “oh my god its a football player!” But, I just want them to see I’m a regular person, that they can talk to me and sit down with me it just means a lot.”

Smith says this is part of his brand: Simple Greatness. According to their website: Simple Greatness is the cornerstone of his (Tye Smith’s) journey to the NFL. In spite of the struggles and setbacks, he continued to persevere for the betterment of himself and his community. The ultimate goal of Simple Greatness is to leave a positive impact on the lives of those who we cross paths with, ultimately being the light that shines.

To learn more about Simple Greatness, visit their website: