Titans talk virtual off-season, unknowns of next season: ‘I’m just trying to control what I can control’


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Although currently in the off-season, the NFL is already facing challenges related to the pandemic.

Off-season workouts have gone virtual and there are a lot of unknowns about the upcoming season.

Reports have indicated there are contingency plans in place for moving the season back to mid-October and doing away with a preseason, Pro Bowl and bye weeks. The NFL has not adressed this or even released a schedule for the upcoming season.

The league as a whole is going through a lot of changes, but Titans quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, is going through some of his own. Last off-season, he was the backup so his primary job was supporting the starter, Marcus mariota, but this time around, he knows he is the starter going in so he’s able to step into a leadership role he’s more used to.

Now that role has gone virtual.

“No doubt about it, it’s strange,” said Tannehill. “It’s weird not being able to be in the building and spend time around the coaching staff and the guys. I’m really missing that aspect right now, but guys have really bought into what we’re allowed to do and that’s all virtual, but trying to make the best of the situation do the best we can with what we’ve been given.”

What about the future? Titans safety Kevin Byard knows just as much as the rest of us, but has a more direct impact with what ends up happening.

“As far as when the season starts, just kind of paying everything by ear,” he said. “I have heard a lot of things: playing without fans, playing with some fans, season getting delayed, taking away a bye week. I don’t know, I feel like that type of stuff kind of gives me a headache, so I don’t really get paid to make those types of decisions, so I just try to mind the business that pays me. I kind of just focus on staying prepared so that when we do pick up and play, I’m not one of the guys that has to work my way into shape. I’m just trying to control what I can control.

Both Byard and Tannehill are leaders on their respective units, so they said their biggest task right now is holding their group accountable and making sure they’re ready to go.

It’s a season of change for football. From the NFL to high school, News 2 digs deeper into the impact COVID-19 is having on the game.
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