NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s a fair fight for who is most excited about the Jadeveon Clowney addition – Fans for the opportunity to see him play, Mike Vrabel for the opportunity to work with him again or the team for the opportunity to play with him.

That’s what happens when you add what Titans safety Kevin Byard calls a “game-wrecker.” Clowney’s impact is felt all over which is why players showed their excitement for his signing on Twitter over the weekend.

It wasn’t until Monday morning we were able to hear from the players and that word, “excitement” came up quite a bit.

“To add a guy you know for sure he’s going to be one of the first guys the offensive coordinator is going to talk about in meetings as a guy we have to block. Its exciting,” said Byard.

Mike Vrabel was fairly coy when it came to showing emotion about the three-time Pro Bowler as he’s in game week mode, but used the same word when describing the new addition.

“I think we’re always excited to add players who want to be a part of our organization,” said Vrabel. “I think it’s evident that Jadeveon is. I’ll let him speak on that when he has the opportunity, but I think we’re just trying to add the right pieces, the guys that love football and want to be here and we’ll start working with him when we can, when he gets in here.”

It will be a few days until Vrabel will officially reunite with Clowney. It’s 2020, so the former No. 1 pick will have to pass three COVID-19 tests in four days in order to be allowed inside the building. Vrabel said Clowney has begun testing, and hopes he will be able to pick up the defense quickly in order to be ready to go Week 1 in Denver.

When and if he is available, Vrabel did say he will make his job of overseeing the defense and scheming up ways to get to the quarterback a lot easier.

“You’d like to start with three guys and if you get pressure with three than only send three and then go from there. But the less people you can send to get pressure, the better, so we’ll have to see how that goes and what that looks like and what’s going to be best for us each and every week to execute a game plan.”