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Every weekday leading up to the NFL Draft, the Titans have fans covered with the Official Titans Podcast.

The “OTP” has been around for about a year, but they’re stepping it up with the draft just around the corner.

“What we wanted to do was capitalize on the excitement that is in Nashville right now,” said Titans reporter and creator of the OTP, Amie Wells. “You can’t go anywhere without hearing about or talking about the draft.”

“You go to church, you go to the grocery store, whatever you’re doing people are saying, “what do you think about the draft?” and people are so excited that the draft is in Nashville,” said the voice of the Titans, Mike Keith. 

So, Keith had the idea to ramp up the Official Titans Podcast to a daily live-production podcast every single day leading up to the draft.

“We just felt like that if we did something every day, we would have a chance to touch on all aspects of the draft and bring everyone up to speed on some of everything,” said Keith.

Despite their knowledge of the NFL, the podcast doesn’t just touch on x’s and o’s. 

“There’s so much happening downtown, there’s going to be so many events, so many ways people can win things and be involved and go to this and go to that, it was just we had so much stuff that we almost had to do a podcast every day and we want to keep people engaged, we want to keep people informed,” said Wells.

By working for the Titans organization, they have a unique perspective and understand just how big a deal this is to the Titans and the city of Nashville. 

“I’m having a hard time describing to people just how awesome I think this is going to be because it feels like I’m lying when I say, “you’re going to have the best time,” and it feels kind of hyperbolic,” said Wells. “It feels like I’m really overselling it, but I don’t think I am.”

The excitement stretches far and wide.

“Even if you’re not a huge NFL fan or a huge Titans fan, there’s pride that we’re being recognized in this way and everybody’s trying to jump on board in some way which is outstanding,” said Keith.

You can watch the broadcast live on TitansOnline.com every morning at 10 a.m. CT and listen to the recorded show anywhere you listen to podcasts. 

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