Head coach Mike Vrabel says if Titans players decide to stay inside during the National Anthem they have the team and controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk’s full support. 

Vrabel was asked on Wednesday about the new policy the league established last week that allowed players to stay in the locker room, but requires them to stand if on the field.   

If they kneel, the team could be fined by the league, not the player.  Teams would then handle the protest however they like.  
Vrabel said he talked to his team Wednesday morning about the policy and they understood what it was.  

“I told them this morning they had the entire organization’s and Miss Amy’s support to make a decision when that time came,” he said.   

Titans tight end Delanie Walker said he was not focused on the anthem this season, but what he can do right now to help people. 

“I’m out doing what I do in the community, trying to make it better today, that’s something we have to worry about in September,” Walker said.  

No Titans player has ever taken a knee during the anthem, but last year after President Donald Trump’s critical remarks of NFL players calling them a “son of a …” receiver Rishard Matthews did elect to stay inside the locker room.