NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — It was the dream of lifetime for Titans cheerleader Donivous Odom after he became the first male selected as a Pro Bowl cheerleader.

But his journey to making history started right here, breaking barriers with the Titans. The Murfreesboro native became the franchise’s first male dancer and dance captain. He then set his sights to the highest achievement for an NFL cheerleader, a pro bowl selection and he had his mother as his number one supporter. Unfortunately, she passed away just days after Odom got the exciting news.

Odom said his mother never left his side and the most rewarding part in all of this, is the chance to inspire young boys that want to cheer.

“It has been very groundbreaking for me because I didn’t think that a guy would be able to do that” said Odom. “And the Tennessee Titans organization made space and opportunity for me to be successful in that realm. It just feels amazing to me to know that another little boy can literally walk up here and now he can surpass me because the has been opened to get to where at least I was.”

Odom joined the Titans cheer team in 2019.