Titans’ veteran Logan Ryan scoffs at proposed 18 game schedule

Tennessee Titans

Veteran Titans’ cornerback Logan Ryan says if the NFL owners want an 18 game schedule they need to give out raises that reflect that. 

Simply put, more work means the players want more money. 

Ryan talked at length adding, “They want to add another month to my work, they’ve got to pay another month of work for sure.” 

The NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement runs through the 2020 season and Ryan conceded both sides will want things in negotiating the next deal. 

The league has preached on player safety since concussions became a hot button issue.  

Advocating a longer regular season and promoting player safety do not go hand-in-hand and Ryan said player health is also a part of the equation. 

 “If health and safety is the number one priority, or if they’re worried about health and safety, and they’re putting in new helmets for concussions, and they’re monitoring practice and padded practices, adding two games doesn’t seem like it helps with the safety side of things.” 

Part of the owners’ plan is to eliminate two preseason games in exchange for adding two regular season games.  

The teams do not pay the players for the preseason.  

Ryan says their pay in the preseason, OTA and training camp comes from “player benefits,” so players are essentially paying themselves at that point, so there is not a lot of lost revenue for players by eliminating preseason games with all of the money going to the owners. 

Ryan said serious conversations are coming as they negotiate a new CBA and pointed to a “possible work stoppage” as the players also sound prepared to work on the things they want like health insurance for life. 

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